Millheim BBQ, Flea & Swap is Back! (PLUS AUDIO FLEA!)

Millheim BBQ Flea & Swap Poster jpgThe BBQ, Flea, and Swap is one of our favorite events to host at the Bremen Town Ballroom.  We love the market atmosphere, and Josh and I love both the hunt for treasures and the unburdening of clutter (can you sense the relief of our vendors?)

This year we are having 2 “regular” fleas on January 27 and April 7,  and 1 “Audio Flea” on February 24.  The hours are 10am-2pm.

Folks are asking, “What is an Audio Flea?”  So I’ll tell you what it is, or at least how I see it happening.

The Audio Flea is a special flea market dedicated to all things audio-related. A vendor could bring, say, used stereo equipment, used guitars and/or amps, pedals, homemade guitars, CDS, Cassette tapes (all the rage in Brooklyn, apparently), or Vinyl.  You might not have a whole booth to fill, so you can set up a smaller table, or just a few stands, or whatever.  Talk to me, let’s work it out.  It would be worth your time to sell one guitar, wouldn’t it…

As always, we’ll have great smokey BBQ straight outta LeRoy the Smoker!

For more information about vending, please email Erin at

Stay warm!